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“Spectacular Sculpture”

After Monches Farm, I wasn’t quite ready to return home. Visit their website,"Spectacular Sculpture" and you’ll see that Monches recommends several area attractions – mainly local art galleries – to visit in the area. Take a drive out there and you’ll see how easy it is to be inspired by the sprawling Wisconsin farmland and the Kettle Moraine forest. On a good tip, we went to see what was described to me as a sculpture garden that “I wouldn’t believe.” Heading east on County Line Road toward Paul Bobrowitz sculpture garden, I was skeptical (and intensely curious) when I saw the sign we were to follow. “Spectacular Scupture” was spay painted on what looked like a reclaimed traffic sign. We followed the signs through a residential neighborhood.

Sunrise to SunsetI was less and less underwhelmed until we reached the driveway. The photos don’t do this place justice. A giant iron pig rocking a guitar greets visitors. A sign reads “Bobrowitz : Open Sunrise to Rockin' PigSunset.” Follow the instructions on the handwritten sign close by: “Park your ride off to the side. Walk around. Enjoy what you’ve found.” Drive slowly down the driveway – each piece is unique. Whimsical, delicate, dark and creative. When you reach the house and garage at the end of the driveway, it’s hard to take it all in.

Driveway First ViewArtist Paul Bobrowitz came strolling down to greet us. When I wondered out load how more people don’t know about this place, he just grinned. He explained that the vast collection you see in his yard is only about 25% of his work. Covering the 6 acres surrounding his house, all sculptures are made from found objects. You’ll see piles of different metals outside his workshop, separated by color, texture and shine. It’s truly a testament to the adage “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” We strolled through the grounds, and it was almost overwhelming. Some are massive, some are small and delicate, some are beautiful and some are comical. Make sure to take some time to stop and examine what each piece is made of. It was an unexpected find, and I’d recommend a quick stop to anyone.  – CMK